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Why did Jacqueline Kennedy reach back over the trunk of the limo during the assassination?

What was she reaching for? Why did she do it? Did anyone try to put her back into the seat of the car?

From what I recall she was trying to exit the limo. She was in such a state of shock, I don't think she even knew she had done it.

Mrs. Kennedy was reaching over the back of the car to pull a secert agent over the trunk to protect the occupants of the car, unfortunately, it was too late.

As soon as she realized her husband was shot she acted with incredible courage and presence of mind and reached over the back of the limo to help the secret service man into the car.
She also covered her husband with her own body. She never left the car, and I know of no indication that anyone put her back into the seat of the car but herself.

She ignored the danger to herself in order to do what she could for her husband and she should be honored and remembered for that. All the tapes show that she thought not once of her own safety.

To help Secret Service man into the limo

The top of Kennedy's skull had been blown off from the force of the blast. She was trying to get it.

Yes, she was trying to get the piece of skull or brain that had been blown off from the gunshot. Jackie does not recall ever doing this, but if Secret Agent Hill had not pushed her back in, she would have died instantly.

To retrieve a part of the head of her husband. Fast thinking. With rapid cooling, reintegration would today prob. be possible, though
most parts would still succumb to subarachnoid bleeding/hemoragage.

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She was trying to exit the limo. She was shocked and scared. The bodyguard put her back in.

She was dazed and in shock trying to retrieve a piece of her husbands skull that had just been blown off.

She was trying to get close enough to a secret service agent to both inform him of her husbands condition and for protection. For all she knew she was next.

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